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the best side hustle

Start your own business in the Cannabis industry and grab your share of this expanding $30 billion industry!

People know and love this product. It sells itself. The easiest money I have ever made.

Jeremy W. - Chicago

*Retail prices based on America's #1 Nationwide Online Dispensary

Featured Brands


Get access to our entire catalog of 20+ brands.

Kream Disposables

Burst Disposables

Above the Clouds

Nostalgic Vibe



Space Club

Buddah Bear

Wholemelts Wax


Fusion Shroom Chocolate

Tank Kings

Popsicle Drip

Faded Fruits

Crooked Kitchen

& more!

Follow our process! You can't lose!

How it works

Our Side Hustle Program

This is for new customers only. We have put together the ultimate starter kit for your new side hustle. The kit provides you with everything you need to become a successful business owner. For only $399.00 you will get 3 products 10 of each that's 30 all together. Sell all products at full retail and make up to $1400.00 profit on your first order. So beg, borrow, or steal that $399.00 you will pay it back after your first order and double your second order!

side hustle.jpg

I received my wholesale starter kit precisely one week ago today, and I have already sold every single product! I turned $400 into over $1,800. My friends and family are already inquiring about when I will have more available. This side hustle has proven to be very profitable with minimal effort. I am thrilled to see where this opportunity leads me.

Allison R. - Florida

Get your money back plus $1,400!


Our Gaurantee.

Most of our Side Hustler's say it helps with bills, food and other necessities. Our serious Side Hustler's love the freedom and all the traveling and new toys they can buy. There's no wrong reason to want or need a Side Hustle. Make as little or as much as you want. We make it easy. We provide 20+ brands at wholesale pricing and walk you through how to sell it. We only make money if you make money and we want you to make money because we like making money ;)  We guarantee profits if you follow our step by step process. It's fool proof.

No sales experience necessary.

Wow. I'm so glad my salesman talked me into this. I was sitting on the fence. Well I jumped off the fence and into the cannabis industry. Got my introductory order three weeks ago and I'm about to place a reorder. I've had customers calling in reorders for a week already. I brought in $1500 in 3 weeks. Just getting started. LET'S F'ING GO!!! Glad to be part of the team.

Matt H. - New York

Time is ticking for aspiring Side Hustlers! Secure your spot now by filling out the form below. Join our wait-list and receive our exclusive Do's & Don'ts Guide. Don't miss out on this opportunity to kickstart your side hustle journey!

Secure your spot now by filling out the form below, and we'll get back to you! 

Have any questions?  We are here to help!

Side Hustle Support  (213) 573-6997

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Congrats! You're one step closer to your new Side Hustle. If you don't see an email immediately, please look in your junk and mark it safe.

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