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  My420Plug was recently launched and

it is a private-membership, medical marijuana dispensary for patients who don't have access in their home states.


We believe that Marijuana should be available to all Americans, therefore, we give you My420plug!


  Moving to the West Coast to take part in the “Green Rush” in 2009, we initially operated as wholesalers. Due to recent legislation and more lenient marijuana laws being passed, we are able to send our products through the mail due to the need for Medical Marijuana patients to have access to their medicine no matter what state they reside in. 

  We are happy to say that we have many satisfied and repeat patients. Our motto here is no unhappy customers, we even offer a 100% money back guarantee.

  We are sure you will love our products and our service. We are so proud of how many referrals we get from our existing patients. That's why we set up a robust referral program that pays you 10% commission on anything your referrals buy not just once but every time they return to shop. 

Happy 420!

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