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An Apple a Day Keeps the Boredom Away: How to Smoke out of an Apple!

smoking out of an apple

How to Smoke out of an Apple!


Welcome, my fellow green enthusiasts, to a journey into the world of fruit-based ingenuity! Today, we're breaking down the art of smoking weed out of an apple. Forget about fancy glassware and high-tech gadgets – we're getting back to basics. So grab an apple, pack a bowl, and let's turn your fruit basket into a smoking masterpiece!

Section 1: "An Apple a Day"

1.1 Selecting the Perfect Apple:

Not just any apple will do. You need one with character, attitude, and maybe a hint of rebellion. Granny Smith, meet Mary Jane – the newest dynamic duo.

1.2 The Apple Core Conundrum:

Carve out a small chamber in the center of your chosen apple. Think of it as the VIP section for your favorite strain. Bonus points for creating a smoke-friendly apple sculpture – it's like art you can smoke!

Section 2: "The Forbidden Fruit" – Building Your Apple Pipe

2.1 Sticking the Landing:

Find a pen or a pencil – the perfect makeshift stem for your apple pipe. Stick it through the side of the apple, creating a pathway from the chamber to the outer skin. Voila, you've just engineered an apple with a side hustle!

2.2 Bowl-ing for Laughs:

Remove the stem and carve a small bowl-shaped divot on top of the apple. This is where the magic happens, folks. Your apple is now officially 420-friendly. Embrace the creativity and give your apple pipe a name. How about "The Puffin' Pomme"?

Section 3: "Apple-tizing" Your Smoke Session

3.1 Loading Up the Good Stuff:

Pack your apple bowl with your favorite herb, ensuring it sits snugly in its fruity throne. Don't forget to appreciate the aroma – nothing says "natural" like the scent of weed and apple blending in perfect harmony.

3.2 The "Fruit-Forward" Smoking Experience:

Light up and inhale as you enjoy the unique flavors brought to you by Mother Nature and a bit of botanical rebellion. Revel in the fact that you're smoking out of an apple while the world outside is none the wiser.


Congratulations, you've just upgraded your smoking game with a touch of fruit finesse! Who needs fancy glass pipes when you can indulge in a bit of apple alchemy? Happy smoking, my fruit-forward friends!


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